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      I have a friend who I have known (a little) since 8th grade. (and now I am going we are both going into 10th) He's really nice, but he's done some stuff I wouldn't like. (drugs, and stuff) It doesn't bother me to much, cause I know he has stoped all that crap. But sometimes I think he may get annoyed of me because I make sure he doesn't do them again. Anyways, I have liked him since 8th grade and he asked me to be his girlfriend not to long ago. (Actually he told his friend he liked me and his friend kinda set it up.{because we are both to shy to talk to each other.}) The thing is I like him A LOT and I don't want to lose his friendship over this though. Yet, I really want to be more then friends, cause I enjoy his company so much. But another thing I worry about is that were kinda different. He's all punk kid (but very nice and open) and I am just me. I don't know if he really enjoys hanging out with me as much as I do with him. I want it to work out sooo much but I would be crushed if it didn't.

Any advice??

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