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Yay, I've joined, woot, and such.

Sweet lady Eris I'm tired...

I joined this community because I'm looking for more exposure for my website ( http://www.kupomoogle.netfirms.com , check it out, it's really great, PLUG PLUG PLUG) and also because I figure I should actually post in some communities and not just be an online shut-in to match my RL status...
So, anyway, I'm a 16 year old male from england (First person to make a Tea/Crumpets joke gets visited in the night by a series of sharp implements, IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE)and myfondest wish is for a pair of wings of my very own.
Preferably all cool and cyberpunkish and all, but I'm not picky, honest!

I'm sorry if this post comes across as slightly agressive (Lie, I make a point of not being sorry for anything) but it's been a strange week and I'm currently on the down swing of a manic-depressive moment.
Plus I'm, y'know, kind of a dick.
But I'm also charming and adorable, honest!
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